Natural stone Marble over the centuries has always been regarded as an exclusive product not just for its beauty of colour, texture and shades but its soft touch and smooth surface.

The polished surface of this natural stone is however, quite fragile, scratches easily and can be susceptible to acids in foods and chemicals which can affect the porous nature of the natural stone.


Although it is not recommended for kitchen applications where staining and scratching of the surface may occur it is highly suitable for large area applications e.g. flooring, wall cladding, bathroom vanities, window sills, columns, fireplace surrounds and furniture.

Although very durable in its finish, it can be repolished in order to restore the original finish and shine if necessary.

ASC will work with your design specialists, builders and architects from the specification and quotation process right through to the project management and completion stage to ensure client satisfaction at every stage.

ASC Stone purchase only quality Marble slabs and recommend that our customers select their preferred stone slabs from our nominated suppliers.